Welcome to Moss Legal Group

Let me give it to you straight. No song and dance. No fluff and puff. No fancy pancy interactive website. We are ‘tell it like it is” lawyers. Plain and Simple. So here it is:

We handle any and all criminal cases, misdemeanors and felonies, throughout the state.

Our primary focus is Drunk Driving, along with Driver’s License Appeals.

We are trial lawyers. We prepare cases for trial. It’s because of our trial experience and preparation, that we’re able to win at trial or get plea deals that are in your best interest.

Thru years of experience within the criminal justice system, we have gotten to know the prosecutors, the judges and in many instances, the officers themselves. This has given us the insight and the knowledge of how to navigate the system to the benefit of our clients.

Our fees are based on our projected time per case and not on the type of crime. Each case (and every fee) is based on who you are and the specific complexities of your case. That’s why we don’t quote fees over the phone. Every consultation is free. We want to know more about who you are, not what you did (allegedly).

Our main office is centrally located in the tri-county area in Southfield at the corner of northwestern highway and the I-696 expressway.